Music & Images from

Hamlet : 7 rooms

Production photos and rehearsal materials from a new work created by Lawson & Sally Bomer for Franklin Pierce Univ. - April 2014

Design, New Text, Direction, Construction, Lighting and Music by Lawson

(unless otherwise noted)

- original location : 60‘x60’ black box theater -

Full Show on Vimeo


- Epilogue -

Breathing Black Ground  (Sarah Neufeld)


(traditional - arr. Lawson)

Flash Pot

Polonius underscoring (Lawson)

Go From My Window

(traditional - arr. Lawson)

123 123 12


  1. -Reflections underscoring -

The Night Before the Day

(Hans Peter Kuhn)

Ghost voice over

Ophelia’s Lament


Transition, End Act I (Lawson)

Bro underscoring


Haley underscoring


They Live On

(Sarah Neufeld)

You Are The Field

(Sarah Neufeld)

- Dumbshow -

King of My Love

(Jonatha Brooks &

Woody Guthrie)

End of Dumbshow


Grace is Lost

- Marta : Doom -- a sigh -

(George Crumb)



- Opening -

Breathing Black Ground  (Sarah Neufeld)

- Bow music -

Who Put the Blood

(Karan Casey)

Don’t Sit Under

the Apple Tree

(surreal reduction)

Thrift Thrift Horatio


fake elevator built under expanded balcony

Production view with ceiling piece, reflective pool, mylar ‘mirror’ projection frame that swings in when in use, back wall of painted, formed muslin lit from behind

mirror projection screen in place; rear projections

light emanating from elevator onto opposite wall

4” deep reflecting pool in use

balcony build (raw) and in production

with partial view of ceiling piece

Rehearsal Music Tracks